Commercial Real Estate

The process of buying any piece of commercial real estate can be a struggle and can be full of legal landmines. So when looking into a property it's is wise to consult one of the many commercial property solicitors london or any other area. They will help you avoid any legal issues during any stage of the purchase. Once you have your eye on a property, you will need to finance the purchase. The process of acquiring commercial real estate financing can be quite daunting. However, this process can be simplified by paying attention to every fine detail. One ought to take into account one basic term: financial self storage. More often than not, financial self storage entails applying for a hard money commercial loan. The recipient of the loan secures the funds using the value of his real estate. One seeking commercial real estate finance has to consider a number of factors.

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Excellent credit score

To be approved for the loan, one needs to have an excellent credit score. The lender looks at how the applicant honors his debts. The character, capital, capacity and collateral of the applicant are considered. This means that an applicant has to ensure that his character when it comes to dealing with creditors is unquestionable there is reasonable amount of capital he plans to invest in the property, can actually pay the debt and has a means to secure his loan.

Managerial skills

Although it is not mandatory to have prior experience in owning commercial real estate, one ought to have considerable managerial experience. The lender needs to know that one is able and willing to manage his commercial real estate well such that it generate enough returns to enable him repay the debt at the prevailing interest rates. A good manager has vast financial experience and knows his market well. He also knows how to allocate the commercial real estate finance appropriately without wastage.

Property details

An applicant has to provide all information regarding how much space is available on the property, what he intends to do with the property and the price it attracts. It is of essence for one to do an accurate valuation with the help of a real estate consultant who comes in handy to provide advisory services. Such a professional assists one shop around for the best prices, location as well as the correct business that one can set up on the property.


A risk is an unforeseen unfavorable event. It leads to loss when it occurs. One ought to carry out a risk assessment on the property to determine which risks he will need to insure against. It is advisable to involve a risk expert at this stage. This expert will carry out a thorough analysis on the property and provide a report on the same. The whole point of risk assessment is to be adequately prepared and shielded against risks.

Associated fees

There will be some fees associated with procuring the commercial real estate property one being legal fees. Also, the real estate consultant will charge a fee for his services. An appraiser who determines the value of the property prompts a payment as well. A loan fee will also arise out of the process.

This particular fee is normally about one percent of the total amount of the loan. This percentage could rise or fall depending on the magnitude of the loan one wishes to take out. After this and all the above details are looked into, one will wait approximately sixty days or even less for the loan to be processed.